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Are Social Casino Games Gambling?

The topic of online gambling and what actually constitutes it has been making news headlines of late, thanks to the fact that fantasy sports betting has come under the political spotlight in the US. It seems that all forms of sports and casino related gaming are now being scrutinised and many are questioning what actually constitutes gambling.

Social Casino Games are now also being questioned, with one class action suit in Washington challenging the courts to classify these games as gambling too. The plaintiff’s argue that although social casino games do not directly accept monetary bets, virtual casino chips which allow players to extend their game play are sold in a secondary market. This game model is similar to a host of other mobile games which allow players to use tokens to purchase items that will enable them to unlock the next level or certain rewards within the game.

The Washington Federal Court ruled that even though online social casino games may allow the use of purchasable virtual chips or coins, the absence of a stake and opportunity for monetary return mean that this form of gaming is not gambling. This means that any games that are free to play and do not award physical prizes other than player amusement fall under the non-gambling category.

For anti-online-gambling proponents, the availability of virtual chips for sale by a secondary market do raise concerns, but the court also ruled that the terms of service within these games that states that “virtual chips have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash or merchandise” renders the existence of virtual currencies for the purpose of the game, inconsequential.

So what constitutes Gambling?

In terms of the laws and Gaming Commission rules of most countries, gambling has a threefold definition and all elements must be present within a game for it to be considered gambling.

  1. The game offers a prize
  2. There is some consideration required by the player, ie. something of value (usually monetary) in the form of a bet, wager or fee to play
  3. There is an element of chance in the game

Thus, any game that offers players the opportunity to play for free, even if real money can be used to enhance or extend the game play, if no prize is offered in return, then the game is not considered to be gambling.

This means that players are able to play social casino games with virtual chips which they may pay for with real money, but they will never really get anything out of it other than entertainment value.

While they do not offer the “social” aspect that some games do, you can still play online casino games for free in “free play mode” with the same entertainment value and ultimate effect without ever having to spend a cent on virtual coins. And by the above definition, there is nothing wrong with doing so and you’ll save money. Makes you think…

Is Social Gaming for money the future of Online Gambling?

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We live in the age of social media and as such you’re probably already familiar with the popular phenomenon of social gaming which has taken the world by storm in the last few years. With games like Candy Crush and Words with Friends, you can pay for upgrades that increase your odds of winning but due to the fact that these upgrades have no real monetary value, this type of gaming is not categorized as gambling. However, this is all about to change…

The state of New Jersey is looking into allowing operators to offer real money social games in the near future and this could be the start of a new wave of gambling at land based and online casinos across the globe, ushering in an entirely new demographic of player.

While traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette and slots may appeal to older generations of casino players, many younger people spend their time playing social games even though they offer no monetary value, so adding the option of being able to wager on these kinds of games could really up the excitement and attraction to them by an entirely new and younger audience.

Unlike slots, social gaming has the ability to incorporate a skill element similar to blackjack but with a fresh new format that will enable players to enjoy a game and engage on a player vs. player level like never before. It is therefore widely speculated that casinos will in the near future set up these types of game for real money prizes. After all, imagine being able to challenge your friends to the games you play on your mobile or tablet device and being able to bet them real money!

While social gambling for money may commence in the US, other countries like the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany will probably also allow the licensing of these under their various regulatory bodies. However, strict measures will have to continue to be enforced when it comes to the gambling aspect of these games and the legal age of players.

Currently people are required to be 13 years or old on social media platforms like Facebook and are able to use their parents credit cards (with the permission of their parents) but obviously if social games are adapted for social gambling purposes at land based and online casinos, this will no longer be the case. Online casinos are currently very strict about monitoring the age of players, requiring identity verification to ensure that only players over 18 years of age are permitted to gamble, so from a safety point of view, minors accessing social gambling games will not be an issue.

The gaming and gambling landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade and with social gaming preparing to enter the gambling sphere, it will be truly interesting to see what this industry looks like in the next decade. Watch this space!

Why Casinos love Slots & What this means to you

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Both land based and online casinos earn the majority of their gaming revenue from slot machines which is evidence of the fact of just how popular slots really are. New generation slots with their cutting edge designs, life-like graphics, bonus games and features as well as the potential for huge jackpot payouts make these machines almost irresistible to players. And it’s interesting to note that they seem to have the same effect on casinos, whose floors and game lobbies are dominated by them…just for entirely different reasons!

Here we’ll take a look at why casinos love these games so much and what it means for you as a player.

Speed of Slot Play

Table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and Roulette generally play out at a much slower rate than slots with most averaging only around 60 hands/turns per hour. This means that for the casinos to make serious money, these games have to be played at high stakes. Slots on the other hand feature rapid game play and even a casual gambler who plays at a leisurely pace will get around 600 to 800 spins in every hour. Taking into account that many players bet $1 or more per spin, these machines can really rack up a profit for casinos quite quickly.

Payouts are not always very Transparent

At most casinos it’s relatively easy to find the payout information of each game and the house edge that it carries with just a little research. Slots on the other hand can prove to be trickier if you’re looking for the exact payback percentage of each machine. While online casinos publish their slots payout rates, they don’t necessarily do this for each machine so you will have to do quite a bit of research into this if you really want to know. Most people don’t bother which means that even if the payout rate on a particular machine is low, some just might keep playing it anyway, which of course benefits the casino.

Slots are automatic

Table games require dealers which the casinos have to pay salaries, this means that there is an overhead cost to running these types of games, which is a serious disadvantage to the casino if their tables aren’t busy. Slots on the other hand are pretty much automatic and are run by software that governs their functions. While land based slots may require repair and maintenance, this is rare and inevitably they work out way cheaper to run than live dealer casino games.
What does this mean to you?

Taking the points above into consideration, there are two underlying factors that make casinos money on slot machines:

  1. A larger house edge
  2. Speed of play

Slots at land based casinos generally net these establishments anything from 5% to 20%, while online casinos generally have a 3% to 5% advantage. While the latter is not as high as some bets on table games it is significantly higher than in games like video poker and blackjack when players play according to good basic strategy. Still, if you’re a slots fan you should always play online where possible and research payout percentages on the games you play to ensure that you are not adding to the casinos advantage by making poor selections.

When it comes to game play speed, the more spins you rack up in an hour, the more the house edge comes into play. Oftentimes you’ll be lucky and end up winning but if you’re trying to conserve your money through sound bankroll management principles and lengthen your game play sessions, then slow your spins down to a very leisurely pace and take frequent break.

Two celebs, two different ways of winning at Blackjack

There are many celebrities who play blackjack from Sean “P Diddy” Combs to Prince Harry but not many of them can hold a candle to famous blackjack greats like Ben Affleck and Dana White who both have had some pretty amazing wins at casinos which have even had them banned from the tables at more than one casino in Las Vegas.

Interestingly though, these two celebs have earned their blackjack wins in very different ways which just goes to show that you should always play the game that is most suited to you. Here we look at both Affleck and White’s claims to fame at the blackjack tables and how they have turned their games into a success.

Ben Affleck Playing Blackjack

The Card Counter

Ben Affleck started out as part of an A-list poker ring that involved big names like Matt Damon (of course), Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire and as such he was a pretty famous gambler before he set his sights on the game of blackjack.

Nowadays though, every so often the media publishes a story on how Affleck has been banned from playing blackjack at some or other casino. The most recent of which is the Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino where, accompanied by his equally famous wife Jennifer Garner, he proceeded to rake in a large sum of money in a high stakes blackjack game.

Reports state that Affleck was counting cards at the blackjack table and spreading his bets wildly which tipped Hard Rock casino security off to his methods and one of the staff members even commented to Affleck that he was “too good at this game“.

While card counting is perfectly legal, most casinos realize that if they allow card counters to play long enough they will lose money. As such, Affleck was asked to play other casino game and not return to the Hard Rock’s blackjack tables, although card counting was apparently never mentioned as the reason for this request.

It’s quite impressive that an A-list, Oscar winning actor and director who is not only good at poker has also had the discipline and mental fortitude to successful learn to count cards, adding just another weapon in his arsenal of money making ability in ways that seem like a whole lot of fun, even if casinos like the Hard Rock don’t approve.

Dana White

The Strategic Player

Dana White is best known for the management of the MMA organization, Ultimate Fighting Championship but it has recently emerged that this hard core fight boss is also a highly skilled blackjack player who is so good that the Palms Casino Resort even reduced his line of credit a few years ago because he was winning so much at their blackjack tables.

This lead to White refusing to play blackjack at the Palms for a few years until the Palms CEO Dan Lee sent White a $5k bottle of champagne earlier this year which prompted a renewed interest and subsequent visit to the casino from White. In the two and a half months following his return to play, White won a massive $2 million from the casino who subsequently reduced his wagering limit from $25k per hand to a conservative $5k per hand which of course has angered White yet again.

White reportedly told reporters that a lot of people think that he is a card counter like Ben Affleck but he in fact doesn’t count cards at all, instead he is a strategic blackjack player who plays according to proven blackjack strategy in order to win. He added that casinos no longer want to gamble and attributed that to the fact that they are now owned by huge corporations and hedge funds who just want to stack the odds against you until you won’t play. He concluded by saying that only Caesars Casino would let you play what and how you want to play without adjusting your limits. As such we’ll probably see White at Caesars from now on.

According to a piece in the Las Vegas Review Journal, White is a highly disciplined blackjack player who walks away when he wins early which does of course infuriate casino operators in these tight economic times. This in addition to learning solid blackjack strategy is a play that every player should take from White’s book.

How the Gambler’s Fallacy influences Winning Streaks

If you’re reading up on gambling and casino game strategies one of the first things most pros will warn you about is the Gambler’s Fallacy and why you should not believe in it. If you’re not familiar with the term “Gambler’s Fallacy” this refers to a probability theory that is based on the belief that future bets are either more or less likely to be winners based on past results.

The reality of the matter however is that every bet made at a casino is independent of the last one, no matter what game you play – but try telling this to players who believe that previous outcomes affect future ones and tailor their wagers accordingly!

In addition, a new scientific study published in Cognition has made a shocking discovery that hot or winning streaks may indeed be a real and are not always the result of positive variance. But before you run out in the hope of hitting a winning streak, let’s look at the “hot hand fallacy” identified in the study and what it’s all really about.

It is worth mentioning that scientists were studying gamblers who were aware of the Gambler’s Fallacy and the attempt to avoid playing according to this, actually led them to experience an entirely opposite effect which was termed the Hot Hand Fallacy.

In compiling their data, researchers examined data from 65,915 sports bets placed by 776 online punters from both Europe and America. On average, the players won 48% of their sports bets but in an attempt to avoid the gamblers fallacy, adjusted their behaviour and as soon as they hit a “hot hand” streak, the figures rose as follows:

  • A single win increased their chance of winning to 49%
  • Two consecutive wins led to a 57% increase in their chance of winning
  • Three streak wins led to a 67% chance of winning a future bet
  • A four streak win led to a 72% increase in their chance of winning
  • Five wins in a row upped the chance of winning to 75%
  • And 6 consecutive wins increased chances to 76%

From this data, researchers concluded that belief in the gamblers fallacy and the associated adjustment of their behaviour meant that they altered their bets significantly, making smarter bets with better odds which meant that they improved their chances of winning with every bet they made. Even though this meant that they didn’t win higher profits than the average player, they did win more frequently.

Interestingly, the converse side of the Gambler’s Fallacy also made its appearance in the study with players on a losing streak betting with the belief that they were “due” a win and adjusting their bets accordingly with increasingly risky bets. This is how that downward spiral played out:

  • A single loss led to a 47% chance to win in the next bet
  • Two consecutive losses decreased winning chances to 40%
  • Three losses led to a diminished 32% chance of winning in subsequent bets
  • Four losses held a mere 27% chance of winning
  • Five loss streaks reduced chances of winning to 25%
  • And 6 consecutive losses led to winning chances of just 23%

This proves that the Gambler’s Fallacy does have an effect on sports bettors and most likely casino players alike, especially those that play casino games like Roulette or Craps where a wide selection of bets are available to the players. The effect however is psychologically rather than statistically based as no one is ever “due” a win or a loss but believing in this will definitely alter your betting behaviour. This means that streaks are more attributed to better gambling choices rather than any form of luck or deserving.

The fact that most sports bettors and casino player win more often when on a hot streak is very interesting but it does show that even if you are on a “hot streak” you won’t necessarily earn more than other players so ultimately nothing replaces studying and applying sound casino games strategy for the games you play.

What Kind of Gambler are you?


Gambling is an entertaining pastime that is all about having fun for most people, and it starts out this way for all of us. There are few things better than enjoying your favourite casino game with the potential to win some handsome rewards.

For some people however, gambling addiction is a very real reality and like any other addiction it is difficult to tell whether you will succumb to it or not. There is however a way to determine whether or not you could be at risk by finding out what kind of gambler you are.

Here we take a look at the various types of gamblers and their personality traits and behaviours, so read below to find out which category you or those you care about fall into and the steps that you can take in order to ensure that your casino play remains safe and responsible at all times.

The Casual or Social Gambler

Casual or social gamblers play at casino for recreational purposes and view gambling as an entertaining pastime. They set aside a budget for gambling and stick to it and never let their gambling get in the way of their family, social or work obligations. For the social gambler it’s all about having fun and if they win something while playing their favourite casino game, well that is just a nice bonus.

The Professional Gambler

Professional Gamblers are people who gamble seriously, take calculated risks and often make a good living out of gambling. They are often high rollers at casinos who spend a great deal of time mastering the game play, rules and strategies associated with their preferred casino games.

Professional gamblers take calculated risks and pay attention to bankroll management and length of game play more than any other gamblers. They are not addicts because they are too strategically minded and profit motivated to throw away good money after bad. They know when to play and when to quit ensuring maximum profitability at all times.

The Serious Social Gambler

These gamblers are a mixture of the two aforementioned profile types. They are serious about gambling and while they enjoy it, they are also focused on making a profit. They may spend a great deal of time gambling for relaxation and fun but the still do not let their gaming habits intrude on their work, social and family life.

The Escape Gambler

Escape gamblers find themselves feeling lonely, anxious, depressed or bored and resorting to gambling in order to pass time and forget about their problems or feelings. This can lead to gambling problems and huge losses that intensify the feelings they originally sought to avoid.

If you find that you often feel down and gamble to suppress these types of emotions, it may be time to seek the help of a psychologist before you need a gambling addiction counsellor.

The Antisocial Gambler

These gamblers have anti-social personality traits and try to take advantage of gaming in order to earn profits illegally. If you find yourself being drawn into horse and dog race fixing, or forms of gambling that are in any way illicit or causing you to think of ways to cheat people so that you can support your gambling habits, it may be time to seek help.

The Compulsive Gambler

Compulsive gamblers are people who no longer have control over their gambling behaviours. They often think they are in control but find that is difficult to keep from gambling and thinking about it even when they are supposed to be focused on something else. While many people believe that people choose to gamble, and they do, there is also evidence to support the notion that biological factors can influence gambling addiction, so if gambling addiction runs in your family, it is best to avoid gambling.

If you find that you are spending more than you should on gambling, have to borrow money to support your habit or are fighting with your family or spouse about your time spent at the casinos you may have a problem. If you feel the need to hide your gambling habit or steal to support it, this is a problem and you should seek help from a trained gambling addiction counsellor.

Men vs. Women – Who are the better gamblers?

Gambling battle of the sexes

The battle of the sexes is as old as time with experts debating on whether men and women are better than or equal to one another in a variety of pursuits from driving to weight loss. There are often highly publicized arguments on which sex is better when it comes to everything from performance to endurance and studies often show that the sexes are very different when it comes to these factors during certain activities.

While some studies have shown that men and women usually play different casino games, discussions very seldom turn to which sex is better at gambling. This is actually a very interesting topic and many people generally stereotypically assume that men are superior at gambling than women, but the truth may shock you.

Gambling Stereotypes

Both men and women enjoy gambling and looking at casino stats, the number of both sexes doing so at online casinos is pretty evenly matched. Stereotypes however hold that gambling is a generally male pursuit and as such they are better at playing casino games than women, simply because they do it more. This stereotype however is a rather old fashioned one which comes from decades ago where men frequented land based casinos more often than women. Modern times however see more women entering the gambling arena than ever before and challenging this commonly held stereotype.

Another stereotype which operates along similar lines is that men are far superior to women when it comes to table games because women don’t play them. While studies do show that women usually prefer to play slots, video poker and bingo, there is no hard and fast rule and there are women who love to play blackjack, roulette and poker.

Yet another stereotype holds that women can’t effectively manage their bankroll like men can because they are not used to doing this as often as men. In modern times, women are just as exposed to handling finances and as such these skills translate well into their casino game play.

Researchers have discovered that all of the above stereotypes are very narrow minded and often untrue in today’s casino world. Let’s take a look at the findings that support this statement.

Harvard Gambling Study

Researchers at the Harvard Medical School were interested in which sex actually is the fairer one when it comes to playing at casinos and as such a large study involving 40,499 subjects was undertaken. The author of the study Richard LaBrie and his team of researchers from across the globe funded men and women with a predetermined bankroll to wager on various casino games. Once all trials were complete LaBrie and his team determined that women exhibited more effective sports gambling behaviour than their male counterparts.

According to results, women were more aggressive than men when it came to high stakes betting, risking on average 15 Euros more than men and achieving 15% more of their bankroll than their male counterparts during the time period allocated. Interesting, women also earned 15% more money which dispelled most of the commonly held gambling stereotypes.

The Reality

Modern times mean women are gambling just as much as men and while they may prefer slots and video poker, there are many women who enjoy table games and play them exceptionally well. If you go on the Harvard study results, women are exceeding male gamblers in managing their bankrolls and being very successful at winning money while playing.

All of the knowledge women have gained through playing more frequently at both land based and online casinos is definitely paying off and proving that they can be just as good, if not better than men at playing casino games. We’re sure to see a number of studies on this topic in future but for now, research suggests that women definitely win the bragging rights as the most skilled casino players.

Lucky and Unlucky Numbers


Along with many gambling superstitions and myths believed by casino players across the world there certain numbers which are considered to be either lucky or unlucky depending on where in the world you find yourself. Each culture has its own unique reasons for believing that a number is either lucky or unlucky and many explanations originate from religious beliefs, or have been handed down from one generation to the next.

No matter where the beliefs originate though, the subject is very intriguing and here we look at the numbers which are believed to be lucky or unlucky and where these connotations began.

Lucky and Unlucky Numbers in Western Cultures


Seven is considered to be a popular lucky number in western cultures and is considered to be so for a variety of reasons. Firstly, in Christian religions, it is believed that God created the universe in 7 days and 7 is a significant biblical number speaking to fullness, completion and blessing. Until the 17th century there were 7 known planets which meant that 7 was a lucky number in astrology. Many famous people, including the renowned mathematician Pythagoras believed the number 7 to be lucky too. And most bizarrely, lady bugs which are believed to be “lucky insects” have seven spots.

For this reason the number 7 is often displayed on Slot machines and is the winning number in a game of craps. It is also the most popular number associated with casinos across the world.


While not as popular a lucky number as seven, three is thought to be lucky because it represents a triangle which is an indestructible shape. It is also the number of the trinity in Christianity.


Eleven is an ambivalent number and is associated with both luck and misfortune. In numerology as well as in the game of craps 11 is a lucky number but more recently due to the tragic events in the US on the 11th of September involving flight 11, it has developed negative connotations for some.


The number thirteen is widely thought of as one of the most unlucky numbers that there are. In fact many people fear the number 13 so much that the phobia even has its own name triskaidekaphobia. The aversion to the number is so widely held that many buildings do not have a thirteenth floor.

While the reason for the fear of the number thirteen is unknown it appears in many places including the painting of the Last Supper with Judas, the betrayer of Christ, being the 13th person at the table. Friday the 13th is said to be an extremely unlucky day and many superstitious people will not leave the house on this day let alone gamble. The fear of Friday the 13th is associated with the massacre of the Knights Templar on Friday the 13th in 1307.


666 is a disturbing and unlucky number due to the fact that is associated with the mark of the beast in the book of Revelation in the Bible and also with Satanism and the occult. For this reason it is a widely avoided number combination in western civilization.

Interestingly, the number 666 is often associated with the game of roulette as it is said that it’s the inventor of European Roulette gained his secrets from the devil and earned great success because of it.

Lucky and Unlucky numbers in Eastern Cultures

Fortune and misfortune are generally associated with even and odd numbers respectively in Asian cultures. Due to these beliefs, Asian couples plan their wedding days on even numbered days and most important events are also arranged as such.


Is a very lucky number in Eastern culture as it is believed that good things happen in pairs (as opposed to threes in western culture). As such, the number two appears in Advertising and Asian casinos and is associated with “double the happiness/effectiveness“. Asian people also believe that luck is associated with the pronunciation of words and the word for two sounds the same as the word for “easy“.


Unlucky numbers are also associated with pronunciation. The number 4 is said to be very unlucky and is avoided due to the fact that it sounds like the word for “die” in Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages. For this reason, buildings and hospitals do not have a 4th floor.


Eight is the luckiest number of all in Asian culture, and even its pronunciation is similar to the phrase for “good luck”.. It is deemed to be so lucky that the telephone number 8888-8888 was sold for an amount in excess of $200k.


In stark contrast to Western beliefs, in eastern cultures the pronunciation of the number 666 is similar to “things going smoothly” which is strongly fortunate. So you will find many homes and shops with the numbers 666 carved into their doors for luck.

Globally lucky numbers


The number five is considered to be lucky as it is significant in many religions including Christianity, Judaism and Islam and featured in many religious icons. The ancient Greeks believed there were 5 elements that made up the universe (Fire, water, earth, air and ether) and the Japanese believe that 5 is lucky because 5 planets can be seen with the naked eye.

Popular Casino themed Movies

Casino Movies

Casinos are exciting places and as such they make great backdrops for movies and there are some really great casino themed films that have been made over the years. We’re sure that the mention of this brings a few of your favourite movies to mind.

Here we take a look at some of the most popular casino related movies of all time.


21 is a movie about the famous MIT blackjack team who took Las Vegas Casinos by storm, walking away with millions by counting cards at the city’s largest casinos. This film takes a look at how it all began and how the team had to be on the top of their games in order to stay ahead of the house and avoid getting caught.


This is a classic casino movie that is as much about the mob as it is casinos which in the rich history of Las Vegas are basically one and the same. This film takes a look at the mob’s role in what is now legalised gambling and the depths that people sink to when greed takes over. This is definitely one of Martin Scorsese’s best works, not to mention that it also stars Sharon Stone, Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci.

Casino Royale

James Bond is synonymous with casinos, making an appearance in them in almost every movie from the original release of Casino Royale in 1967 to the present day Skyfall where he takes time out to play poker in addition to his regular favourite game of Baccarat.

Oceans 11

This film was originally released in 1960 but it was really made famous by the stellar cast in the re-make of it in 2001 which included big names like Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The plot focuses on a mega casino heist in Las Vegas that is pulled off by a team of thieves for one of the biggest scores of all time.

The Cooler

The Cooler is a lesser known Indie film which is set in Las Vegas and features William H Macy as the “cooler” which is someone who can put an end to any gamblers lucky streak. The film also stars Alec Baldwin and is definitely worth the watch if you haven’t seen it before.

The Hangover

This is probably one of the most hilarious movies ever made and takes you on the adventure of a lifetime with Las Vegas as the setting for an epic bachelor party that goes totally wrong. Gambling, strip clubs, impromptu weddings, facial tattoos and wild parties involving drugs, booze, strippers and a tiger are just a few things you’ll encounter on what can only be described as one wild ride.


Rounders takes you into the world of high stakes poker, introducing you to the game of Texas Hold’em. It is a great gambling movie featuring outstanding performances from a young Matt Damon, Ed Norton and John Malkovich.

Runner Runner

When a Princeton graduate believes he has been swindled in an online poker game he travels to Costa Rica to confront the casino operator who turns the tables on him by offering immeasurable wealth. But Richie soon learns the truth about his boss and is confronted by the FBI who is trying to bring the gambling ring down leaving him facing the biggest gamble of his life – out manoeuvring both his evil boss and the FBI. Starring Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck, Runner Runner is definitely one to watch.

Study shows that Online Casino can benefit Land Based ones

Gambling Online

For many years the debate has raged on as to whether online casinos are harmful to land based casino’s business. In the US and in parts of Europe, this has been of particular concern given the number of brick and mortar casinos in existence.

However, a new study conducted by AlixPartners (a New York based research company) has found that online gambling is not detrimental to land based casino business but quite the opposite, it is actually beneficial to it. Instead of cannibalizing brick and mortar business, the study found that online punters could be an exceptionally profitable group for land based casinos to tap into.

The study was conducted in the US on 1301 adults representing a cross section of the population who were surveyed on numerous forms of gambling activities including playing the lottery, sports betting, race-track betting, visits to local and destination casinos as well as internet gambling.

After extensive data-mining of answers to surveys, the research findings indicated that what AlixPartners terms “Online Enthusiasts“, namely punters who gamble at both online and land based casinos, visit land based casinos almost as often as “Consistent Members” (punters with the highest casino visitation rates) do.

Furthermore, the results showed that the average “theoretical” (estimated average dollar worth of a player to a casino) could be 10% higher for the group termed “online enthusiasts” than for players who only visit land based casinos.

Insights from the study also revealed that the typical online casino player has an average daily gambling budget allocation that is 30% higher than “Destination Tourists” who have the second highest average daily gambling budget within the surveyed respondents.

The conclusions drawn by the study are that players categorized as “online enthusiasts” share the characteristics that land based casinos value, namely higher gambling budgets, higher average daily spends as well as more frequent visits to casinos.

The research also indicated that casinos could harness online gambling activities to their venues via loyalty points systems and programs to create a competitive advantage but in order to do this they will have to know which players to target and when.

All in all the evidence suggests that online gambling should be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat. While some land based casino brands have already begun to look into the online arena, and online casinos also offering land based games like WMS Slots online, we’re sure to see more of a cross over between the two great divides in future.