Craps Strategy

Knowing the different types of bets available in Craps and how they work will certainly improve your knowledge and help you back up your play. But the real key to winning is being able to discern the good bets from the bad ones. This is the best strategy we can offer to give you a winning chance at the remarkable game of Craps.

With the Pass or Don’t Pass and Come or Don’t Come Bets and a House Edge of around 1.4%, the best winning strategy is to improve on these smart bets.


By placing odds bet. An Odds bet is made by supplementing your original Pass/Don’t Pass bet by an additional amount. This is done after the Come Out Roll and is put behind your first bet on the table .The reason behind this and why it improves your initial bet is that the house edge is significantly reduced. It is also referred to as Double Odds.

You can learn other techniques that you can use to help you become an outstanding player quickly.