Roulette Betting Progression Systems

When it comes to roulette systems you’ll find a lot of advice out there on what does and doesn’t work as well as many roulette myths pertaining to the success that these systems can afford players. The betting progression system is a popular option amongst gamblers on the whole and while it can be applied to the game of roulette, the way in which to use it is not the way that most players inevitably do.

If you’re new to betting systems, the betting progression refers to a pattern wherein you vary the size of your wager after either a win or a loss. Here we’ll look at this roulette system and how it applies to the game.

Negative Progression

Negative betting progression refers to a system of game play wherein you decrease the size of your wager after losses. This system ultimately prolongs your game play at the table, affording you the opportunity to stay in the game long enough to make some winning bets. The truth is that this method will not decrease your chances of losing, but it will decrease the rate at which you lose and we all know that in a game of luck like roulette, staying in the game can potentially change your fortune with every spin.

Positive Progression

Positive progression is the most popular form of betting progression. As the name implies, players using this system will increase the size of their wager with every win. In doing so, most believe that they will manage to cover any losses they incur.

This belief is partially true due to the fact that if you do get lucky when placing a larger bet, you will be able to recover the losses you may have incurred. Essentially though, increasing your bet size will mean that you spend more money on each bet and you’ll either get lucky and win big, or be unlucky and lose a substantial amount.

When betting progression a good thing

Positive progression methods can be used to recover losses if you have an advantage, but you need to be sure about it. This means that you will need to have a reliable method to determine whether or not you actually have an edge.

Let’s look at this by way of an example. If you happen to be using a roulette computer and your peak has high clear bars where you are wagering, and you are experiencing a number of near-misses where the ball comes to rest very close to the numbers you are wagering on, the roulette computer should give you an accurate analysis informing you of the exact number that you should wager on in order to earn maximum returns.

One solution may be to widen your betting arc as this should reduce the number of near misses quite significantly. Another solution will be to increase the size of your wager, which is usually safe from a wagering point of view due to the fact that you already have a clear advantage.

The best solution however will be to ensure that your wagering is at an optimum level, while increasing the size of your wager as this gives the best of both options.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you need to stop playing as soon as you earn profits. This is especially the case if you’re making use of a roulette computer or visual ballistics because the last thing you want to do is end up wagering hundreds of spins with small bet sizes. It won’t be the size of your wagers that gives you away, but rather your game play style and if you win consistently over large numbers of spins, the casino will have ample data to determine whether or not you’re using advantage play methods and tools like roulette computers.

It is therefore not uncommon for players using roulette computers to play just three to five spins at the Roulette table before leaving the game. The odds are that at least a single spin of the five will result in a win and while that may only amount to around $300 profit, the player using this system can at least work it without arousing the suspicion of casino security, the croupiers and pit boss.

If you are going to use a roulette computer in conjunction with the progression betting system, it is advisable to first calibrate the device over 30 to 60 wagers in order to ensure that complete accuracy is achieved. Once you are confident that the computer’s accuracy is assured then you can safely begin to place higher wagers over the next few spins.

Although you can bet on any amount of numbers that you like, it has been proven that betting on 15 numbers is optimal and you will generally win around 90% of the wagers you make. So if you work on this premise, the first bet you make should win, if it doesn’t then you should double your wager. If you lose again, triple the original wager. The odds of losing all three of the spins are very low and this is the only effective way to use progression betting to increase your odds of winning.