Why the Brand of Casino Software matters

When you’re new to the world of online casinos there may be a number of factors that you consider important when looking for a place to play. The majority of players concern themselves with the overall reputation of a casino, the safety and security of their personal data and banking details and even the payment options available to them.

While these are all very important things to consider, there is one more important element that encompasses all of these factors that players often overlook – and that is the brand of software that a particular online casinos operates.

But why is this such an important factor? The answer is a multiple fold one which we will examine now:

1. Software providers have a reputation to uphold

The online casino industry is a competitive one where the reputation of various casinos may mean the difference between business success and profitability and all out failure. Larger, reputable casino software providers like Playtech and Microgaming therefore play an active role in overseeing the various casinos operating their software to ensure that all dealings with players are above board in order to protect the reputation of their brand extensions.

On the other hand, there are casino software providers like RTG who operate in isolation of their proprietors, and do not concern themselves with anything beyond providing the software platforms. As such many of the casinos using this software resort to rogue practices and players are left without payments on a regular basis.

2. Legitimate casinos are licensed and their games are audited

Casinos operating various software brands are required to be licensed and regulated. This also means that the software is subject to regular auditing by independent bodies to ensure that all games and payouts are free and fair.

3. Reputable software providers enable responsible gambling

Each online casino software suite comes with its own set of features available to operators. Microgaming’s back-end software enables the casinos using it to assist players to gamble responsibly by configuring their accounts according to individual deposit and card limits, as well as the locking of accounts, restricting of bonus offers and even adding them to the “Do not contact” list for all promotional materials should problem gambling patterns emerge and the player requests them to do so.

4. Different Software providers offer different types of casino games in varying quality

Each software provider designs its own unique casinos games and as such the size of their portfolios and quality of these games varies significantly depending upon where one plays. When it comes to online casinos, it is always best to find out which software they are operating as this will let you know what to expect when playing here.

Obviously as a player you are looking for a provider whose games are of a high quality to ensure that you don’t encounter any bugs, freezing or other technical issues while playing that could cost you your hard earned money.

Providers like Microgaming and Playtech offer a large portfolio of games, including many comic book and movie themed titles while WMS brings you casino games and slots that you’ll find on land based casino floors across the globe.

As you can see from the above, the type of software a casino runs can mean the difference between a truly amazing gaming experience and a terrible one. So before you play, always do a little research into what a casino is operating and only play at those powered by the bigger names in the game.