Navigating the online casino minefield

Online casino games are great fun and could win you a tidy sum of money with enough practice and determination. There are plenty of casino sites to choose from, so how do you navigate the complicated web of casinos to find a reliable one?

  • Ask around – Personal recommendations are the best way of picking a site. Word of mouth works well and is the most honest form of advertising. If a few people are satisfied with their chosen casino, it’s a good sign; while any casino which elicits raised eyebrows or a torrent of verbal abuse are best avoided. Be sure to get several opinions since one bad experience doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole site is damned. Equally, one positive player may have been the lucky one out of a disgruntled majority. Similarly, if you do find a worthwhile online casino, share it with friends and pass on the goodwill. Many sites even offer a ‘refer-a-friend’ bonus.
  • Check the forums – If your friends don’t play casino games and you don’t know who to ask, don’t worry. There are plenty of casino, poker and bingo forums online full of comments – good and bad – on online games sites. Have a look around to get a general idea of features and services offered. Remember to read up-to-date comments and reviews, since things change fast in the online gambling world and you need current data to make an informed choice.
  • Read the small print – Once you’ve found a site you like the look of, do your homework and check the terms and conditions thoroughly, as well as the licensing information. Take bonuses for example. The figure blazoned across the screen in big letters as your welcome bonus most probably has a list of conditions attached. Always read the wagering requirements and withdrawal conditions before signing up. With regards to licensing, make sure the site is properly regulated – this information should be detailed at the foot of the homepage.
  • Which software? – The software used by an online casino or poker site is very important. Big names like Playtech or Microgaming have a good reputation and provide excellent games and graphics. Sites using small software providers may have amateurish games and a less professional service.
  • Have fun! – Once you’ve signed up, try out all the games, chat to other players and have a ball! Playing online casino games is all about fun and you should always remember that entertainment is your primary goal. Winning is always nice but don’t go over your budget. Take regular breaks to get the most out of your casino experience.