Tips & Hints

Here we will give you some general tips to playing in any online casino as well as our guide to playing and winning at some of the most popular and promoted casino games like online texas holdem, Blackjack, Slots, Roulette and more. Please be sure to read our Online Casino Tips first so you get an idea of how to capitalize on casino offers and increase your profits. The most important tip that we would like to share with you is to have fun while playing and do not allow online gambling of any sort to be a way of life. If you find that it becomes an obsession rather than a past time activity, there are lots of online resources that can assist you with this type of Problem Gambling.

General Tips for Playing in Online Casinos

1. Casino odds remain the same whether you are playing “Play for Real” or “Play for Fun” games.

2. Whenever you are about to play online, be sure that you previously set a budget for that particular session and stick to it. This will help you to minimize losses.

3. Capitalize on deposit bonus when offered. You can opt to decline these bonus offers. However, if you claim a deposit bonus at least once, this will ensure that you are nominated to receive them in future.

4. The longer you play, the less likely you are to win, so be sure to quit while you’re ahead.

5. Don’t rush a move or bet. In an online casino, the Player has the luxury of taking his/her time to make a bet, so take advantage of this opportunity and think about the bet you are about to place before you actually place it.

6. Ensure that the online casino is equipped with 24/7 Customer Support. This is a precautionary measure in the event that you encounter a technical error while playing online or you feel that you may have been cheated out of a bet.

7. Whenever possible, play European Roulette instead of American roulette because the additional “00” in American Roulette almost doubles the house edge compared to European Roulette.

8. Remember that in Blackjack, Insurance bets are more than twice the house odds of other bets. Stay away from these types of bets; they are NOT profitable. You will learn more about Blackjack strategies in our Blackjack 101 section.

9. In Video Poker, discard a hand or any cards that do not have a chance of winning i.e. that do not pay out. This will ensure that you maximize your chances of getting a better hand i.e. one that WILL pay out.

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