Winning Keno Tips

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Learn the tricks of the trade that make the game of Keno more lucrative and exciting. Our short collection of Keno advice will be sure to enhance your gaming experience. It is important for you to remember that Keno is a game of chance and there are no proven methods to ensure that you win but using these methods will make your game more interesting.

1. Manage your Money

You can do this by establishing a bankroll. This is a fixed sum of money you are willing to bet and possibly lose. If your bankroll is depleted, log out of the Keno game and move away from the PC. Don’t be tempted to bet money that you didn’t intend to use for that purpose. Remember the old adage, “He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day”.

2. Choose the Right Casino

Knowing where to play online is crucial to players, especially beginners. Some casinos may not even offer Keno as a part of their gaming suite and those that do may have restrictions on their bonuses. You must be sure to educate yourself on what the casino offers and how it can benefit you before you start playing. Oftentimes, Welcome bonuses are not applied to casino wagers so read the stipulations before depositing and playing.

3. Learn the game before you play it

This should be the Cardinal rule of Keno. Before you even consider playing Keno online, you should become intimate with everything about the game; from its Bet Types to its Odds and Payouts. If you’re a novice, Play for Fun games are the best way to learn how the game flows.

Do not set yourself a huge bankroll for your very first game. Learn its rhythms, try your luck and take your time.

4. Slow but steady wins the race

Do not set aside a huge bankroll to play, especially if you’re a beginner to the game of Keno. Start out small, bet conservatively, and you’ll stay in the game longer.

Don’t use Keno strategies and betting systems

None of these are surefire ways for you to win at the game of Keno. Random Number Generators (RNGs) make it impossible for you to determine the draw of the numbers. Instead, pick your numbers, wait for the results, and have fun playing. After all, Keno is a game and what are games for, if not for fun?

Tips are one thing but strategies are another. Read all about our Keno Strategies.

Enjoy one of the best online Keno experiences ever.