Tips for Low Roller Blackjack Players

The definition of “low limit” blackjack differs from one player to the next, depending on their financial standing and size of their casino bankrolls. For one player $5 per hand may be deemed “low limit” while to a high roller, $100 per hand may be considered a low value bet.

For the sake of this article we’ll classify “low limit” blackjack to all games with the option to wager $25 or lower per hand, low limit games.

As most blackjack players know, at land based casinos one is often able to look around for a $5 table, although it is commonplace for most casinos to have higher value minimum bets. Online casinos however offer some games with $1 or $2 minimums, making them better places to play if you are truly a budget conscious player that still wants to enjoy a quality game of blackjack.

Challenges facing Low Limit Blackjack Players

Low limit players do face a few challenges when it comes to the game such as less than favourable rules in certain low stake games.

If you’re not sure what to look for in terms of low roller blackjack tables, avoid tables with the following rules:

  • Blackjack pays either 6:5 or 7:5 – you want it to pay 3:2
  • The dealer hits on soft 17 (a hand where the Ace counts as 11)
  • You are not permitted to double after splitting
  • Doubling is restricted to certain values
  • You are only permitted to split once
  • No surrender is offered

The most important rule of the above is the one relating to payouts. Just remember if you play $5 a hand at a table that pays out at 6:5, you would be able to play $15 at a 3:2 table and your expected loss per hour would be the same (that is if all other rules in the game were the same).

Luxury Blackjack

Low Rollers and Loyalty Programs

At the majority of online casinos entry into loyalty programs is automatic when you deposit and play. But always be sure to check on this to ensure that you are in fact signed up for these programs.

Even if you’re a low roller you’ll still earn points as you play and these will go towards earning special bonuses and giveaways.

The Advantages to Low Limit Game Play

Even though you may not win big, playing low limit games means that you will enjoy extended game play periods for your money.

Also if you are learning blackjack strategy or to count cards, then you’ll want to practice at the low limit tables first. Just remember, card counting is not possible at online casinos.

Another advantage is that low limit games count towards players’ club/loyalty points and will still get you bonuses and special offers at the casino.

Never feel bad about being a low limit player, the truth is that the majority of casino visitors at land based, online and mobile casinos are classified as low rollers. While casinos do cater to high rollers and tend to advertise this more, low rollers make up a large percentage of their players.

So enjoy the game by looking for the best rules, payouts and comps to help extend your budget and game play time.