Winning Craps Tips

Learning quick tips will enable you to play Craps smarter, increase your edge, and stretch out your bankroll. Please read below and begin improving your game play and overall gaming enjoyment.

1. Remain cool, calm, and collected. Do not get carried away in a winning moment and begin to make crazy or stupid bets which have little probability of winning.

2. Manage your bankroll. Set your loss limits and stick to them.

3. Bet wisely. Pass line and Come bets followed by odds bets are the smartest and most rewarding bets you can make in Craps. It is a good idea to stick with these bets.

There you have it! Some basic concepts and strategies to help you get started playing craps. Always remember, the game of Craps is all about the dice and the dice are all about the percentages. Familiarizing yourself with these percentages and knowing which ones are of most benefit to you will help you make informed decisions and become a better Craps player.

Happy Playing!