Do Men and Women Play Different Casino Games?

Male and Female oriented Casino Games

For centuries the sexes have battled it out on almost every subject…it has been determined that men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, and although very different the sexes, at least according to most modern constitutions and governments, are for all intents and purposes…equal.

That said though, have you ever wondered whether men and women enjoy the same preferences when it comes to online casino games?

Studies on land based casinos done in the past have indicated that slot machines are most often frequented by women while men generally occupy the tables on casino floors. While there are always exceptions to every rule, this has been the emerging trend for a number of years and has been put down to the differences in the psychology of gambling between the genders which dictates that men are more likely to select skill games like Blackjack and Poker over any other casino games.

According to psychologists, men have a sub-conscious need to dominate their rivals and win in a battle of wits and skill in card games like poker and blackjack. Men are also more drawn to games that satisfy their need for a thrill such as high stakes roulette, craps and baccarat. Women on the other hand approach gambling much differently, viewing it as a way to be entertained while interacting and connecting with people who share similar interests. This means that women are attracted to games of “luck” like slots, bingo and lottery which require less attention to detail than other skill based casino games, making them the perfect pastime while also enjoying a chat with a fellow player.

The advent of online casinos however has caused this dynamic to be somewhat altered. This is not only because they make all games accessible to all players without the intimidation factor of having to play them in front of an experienced dealer and other seasoned players as well as the fact that there is complete anonymity which removes the perceived gender bias on certain games. In addition, casino software providers have designed slots which incorporate an element of skill and entertainment that attract men.

Data from online casinos shows that certain online slots have a 50/50 gender split and even games that would have been thought to be targeted at a predominantly male audience like the various Marvel themed slots which feature a variety of superheroes and villains surprisingly showed an equal split between male and female players.

So do men and women always play differently? It seems that the answer to this question depends on where they are playing. In land based venues where some games may be perceived to have a gender bias or certain intimidation factor they might but when playing at online casinos both sexes enjoy the various games equally.