Progressive Slots

The way to win at the Progressive machines is simple – ensure that you have a big bankroll, bet as much as you can, and bet for as long as you can.

Progressive Slots make winning way more profitable. They are very similar to regular slots with one major difference – the JACKPOT! The Jackpot on an ordinary slot is fixed and may you hit it only when you bet the maximum number of coins. On the Progressive Slot machines, the jackpot is not fixed. For each and every single bet that is made on a Progressive machine, a percentage goes towards the jackpot, which can either be in the high thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even MILLIONS!

Before you play the Progressive machines, you should familiarize yourself with the payouts, the coin sizes, and always be prepared to spend a lots of money. Despite the fact that you may be sinking coin after coin in the machine, when you hit the Jackpot, it will be all worth it, because chances are you will win much more than you had wagered.

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