Placing a Bet on Blackjack

Blackjack tables vary but it’s important that you select a Blackjack table that suits your skill level. The smaller denomination tables normally have more Players than the higher denomination tables. However, the smaller tables are the ones that beginners should play at to make their dollars last longer. When you take a seat at a table, be sure to review the chips and note which denomination each colour represents. This way you won’t over or under bet. It’s a good idea to bet small until you get the hang of the game and feel confident enough to increase your bets.

When you begin a game, the chip which represents the minimum value at a table is usually selected by default. To bet, select the desired chip value by either left or right clicking once. Which side of the mouse you use depends on which casino where you are playing. To increase the bet size, select another chip denomination by either left or right clicking once. To remove a bet, do the reverse of what you did to place the bet on the table. Once you have finished betting, click the ‘Deal’ button to distribute the cards.

The Blackjack table is equipped with a “Hit” button and a “Stand” button. These are the most frequently used buttons on the table. You use the “Hit” button to add another card to your hand after you have dealt the first set of cards. You use the “Stand” button if you no longer wish to take any more cards.

If you win that game, your payout is automatically calculated and added to your total, which is shown on the screen in your space. Some Blackjack tables are equipped with a “Last Bet” Button or a similar labelled button. This can be used to repeat the last bet you placed in the previous game.

You should now have the hang of placing a bet on the Blackjack table, so now it is time to move on to some game play strategies.