Making a Profit Playing Slots

Ok, so we have already established that there are is no guarantee that you will consistently win or win at all while playing Slots. Nonetheless, it is possible to improve your chances at making a profit or even possibly winning a jackpot. We have compiled some simple common sense tips as well as a Slots Strategy guide below to help you enjoy a more lengthy playing experience.

Slots Strategy Guide – Basic Knowhow

1. Familiarize yourself with the Rules. It is in your best interest to know the number of coins you need to insert or how many lines are required to collect prizes.

2. Play the popular Slot machines. The casino will normally advertise these using high jackpots. Popular machines mean that lots of coins have been dumped into them; that they have been played over a long period of time; and that they payout percentage has almost been reached.

3. Create a budget and stick to it. Decide how much money you will spend when playing Slots that day. Then divide your Slots play into sessions. Lastly, divide your Slots spending money equally per session. So, let’s say you decide to spend $100 today playing Slots. Divide your playing time into 4 sessions and split up the $100 equally per session (i.e. $25 per session). You will better be able to monitor your preset budget and hopefully turn a profit.

4. Select an affordable and realistic coin denomination. If you only have $100 to spend, then you should select a smaller coin denomination (such as $0.25) in preference to a larger one (like the $1 Slots). Also, compare the payouts. If the maximum payout on a $1 machine is $500 for a single coin and the payout on a $0.25 machine is $500 for 2 coins, you will be better off playing the smaller coin denomination, as you will win more playing fewer coins.

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Slots Strategy Guide – Advanced Knowhow

Enjoyed reading up on Basic Knowhow strategy? Wonderful!

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to upgrade to the Advanced Strategies.

One very common misconception where Slots is concerned is that the more reels and symbols, the easier it is to hit a winning combination. If this is what you were thinking all along, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Let’s say you are trying to hit a winning combination on a single line slot using 3 cherries. Chances are that each reel has only one cherry on it. However, on a 5 reel slot with 18 symbols, your chances of hitting a jackpot become:

1 / 185
= 1 / (18 X 18 X 18 X 18 X 18)
= 1 / 1,889,568 (i.e. 1 in 1,889,568)
= 5%

You can greatly increase your chances of winning using a mathematical equation known as the Standard Deviation strategy, which determines which spin of the reel will be a winning one. No, it’s not difficult at all and does not require a scientific calculator to work it out. You can actually do the calculations in your head, and, with practice, you will become better at it.

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