Lesser Known Roulette Bets

Think you know every bet that the Roulette table has to offer? Think again! There are a few lesser known bets in this fascinating game that aren’t marked on the table and as such you may not be aware of them.

Here we’ll take a look at what they are, how they function and whether or not they would be a good betting option.

The Courtesy Line Bet

In American Roulette betting on the zero and double zero with a single chip is achieved by placing it on the line between the two numbers. This is referred to as a split bet and it pays out at 17:1.

If however you’re sitting on the opposite end of the table (not an issue in online Roulette at Luxury Casino obviously) and these number are not easily within your reach, there is a line called the “courtesy line” that will help you to achieve the same bet. This line exists to save players the angst of figuring out how to make the zero/double zero split bet from the other end of the table while also ensuring that the dealer doesn’t waste time by having to do it on their behalf.

The line is situated between the second and third twelve bets as indicated below.

Courtesy Line Bet

The Basket Bet

This wager allows players to bet on 5 numbers with a single chip. When you place your chips in the position detailed in the image below you will be wagering on zero, double zero, one, two and three simultaneously.

While this may seem very convenient and like a great idea, it’s really a sucker bet because the house advantage in a game of American Roulette will be 5.26% and the basket bet adds to that at a considerable 7.89% and only pays out at 6:1 for your trouble.

Basket Bet in Roulette

The Avenue Bet

You’ve probably heard of street bets in roulette – these refer to a wager on three numbers simultaneously. The Avenue bet is on six numbers in two rows and it generally pays out at 5:1.

To place this bet you simply place your chip between the two rows as detailed below:

Roulette Avenue Bet

As you can see from the above, if you want to bet on more unusual number combinations in roulette, casinos have accommodated you with ways to do so, even if they are not always the smartest ways to play. Find winning roulette tips that will improve your profits here.