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Two Video Poker Progressive Jackpots Hit

Nearly every we report on a progressive jackpot that has been won, it is on a slot machine, which really is no surprise given that the majority of progressives are linked to online slots and the fact that these are way more popular amongst casino players than video poker machines.  However, Microgaming’s most recent progressive wins, which hit within hours of one another, were both on Progressive Video Poker games!

Video Poker Progressive Jackpot

The wins on Jackpot Deuces and Supajax Progressive Video Poker games were for the outstanding amounts of $45,781 and $51,444 respectively.  The latter being rather significant as it is the highest progressive prize hit on the Supajax game variation in the last eight months.  In general Supajax pays out every 17 days on average, while Jackpot Deuces is hit every 2 days on average.

The hit rate on these games is not the only thing that sets them apart from one another, Supajax is a variant of Jacks or Better where the lowest payout is for a jacks or better hand but the pay table differs slightly from the original game in that a Full house and flush pay out lower than usual at 7 to 1 and 5 to 1.  This is largely due to the SupaJax option which means that the playing deck contains an additional card called SupaJax. If the final hand dealt contains the SupaJax card and four regular jacks then the progressive jackpot is hit on condition that the maximum wager of five coins has been played.

Jackpot Deuces on the other hand, is a variant of Deuces Wild where the deuces in the deck are wild and substitute for cards of any denomination and suit to complete a winning hand.   Payouts start from three of a kind, and like Supajax, the standard payouts are lower to accommodate the progressive jackpot feature which is hit when the player is dealt a natural diamond royal flush (a Royal Flush achieved without the help of wild deuces). Again, the maximum of five coins must be played to be eligible for the jackpot win.

So if you’re a video poker fan, why not head on over to Jackpot City Casino and try your hand at these progressives, you may just be the next big winner!

A few words of advice on Video Poker

Video Poker is one of the best gambling options for Players and, therefore, one of the best casino games to play. It is, however, not as popular as video Slots games, so the exposure in online and offline casinos is less but this doesn’t mean that the games are less fun and unrewarding. Quite the contrary. In fact, they are so rewarding that you can find Players in a brick-and-mortar casino, who are playing Double Double Video Poker or the progressive Royal Flush ones, will save the machines for bathroom breaks and immediately return to them.

It is advisable to shop around for the Video Poker game that suits your taste because they are a dime a dozen. Nickel, dime, and quarter varieties are plentiful. Popular Triple Play machines are one of the best bets, but be careful, because if you don’t get the right hands, you could diminish your bankroll in little or no time. Be sure to discard those cards that have a low likelihood of making a winning hand. Play the maximum number of coins, especially on the progressive machines, to increase your payout on a winning hand or to achieve the Jackpot on the progressives. If Lady Luck is on your side and the right cards are dealt, playing the coin maximum will give you some good playing cushion.

One of the most profitable moves you can make in Video Poker is to play slow. Sounds strange, right? It’s not actually. Think about it this way. The casino wins in the long run. If you bet really quickly, you will most likely play more hands. The more hands you play per hour depletes your bankroll, because you subject your bankroll to the house edge. Slow down your playing pace. It will only take a few seconds but can make the difference between winning a small sum and losing miserably.

If Jacks or Better is your flavour, you should know which are the best paying machines. The overall average payout of the machine should be 99.5%. Best full pay machines payout 9 coins for a Full House and 6 coins for a Flush under the 1 coin line. 8.5 Jacks or Better payout 5% less than 9/6 machines – 8 coins for Full House and 5 for a Flush. 9/5 Deuces Wild pay 9 coins for Straight Flush and 5 coins for 4 of a Kind. Jokers Wild pays 7/5 – 7 coins for a Full House and 5 for a Flush. Beware of Jokers Wild and Deuces Wild versions, the Jackpots are high but they are very expensive to play. If you want to try these machines for the jackpot privileges, be sure to go for a Straight Flush with a higher return on the Wild card.

A few Video Poker DONT’s:

  • Don’t hold an Ace in an effort to make an Ace-high Straight or Royal Flush. You will quicker get a J-Q-K Straight or Royal Flush.
  • If you have a limited bankroll, don’t play the Progressive Video Poker games. Stick with games like Jacks or Better instead.
  • Don’t keep a kicker (5th card) with a high Pair.

Players do not usually play maximum coins, especially if they are on a budget, so you will find that casinos hold 2% more money on Video Poker machines because of this reason. Before you blindly pick a Video Poker machine, take a few minutes to review the pay tables. This will make a huge difference in picking the good Video Poker machines over the bad ones.

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