Playing Video Poker

The only tool you need to equip yourself with in order to play and win at Video Poker is a basic knowledge of Poker hands. You are dealt 5 cards after which you have the option to replace one or all of the cards by dealing over. If your hand is a winning hand, you also have the option of not dealing over at all (i.e. keeping all your originally dealt cards).

Some Video Poker games also offer you the opportunity to double your money on a winning hand. In this instance, the machine will deal one card (his card) and deal you 4 cards. You will then select one of the four cards. If the card that you select is higher than the machine’s card, you instantly double your money.

There are different variations of Video Poker; the most popular being Jacks or Better. In this case, Players who have a pair of Jacks or higher wins. Other games include Deuces Wild and Jokers Wild. These Wild games allow a Deuce or Joker card to be changed to any card the Player requires to win the hand. The minimum winning hand is then normally increased to Kings or better, Two Pair, or Three of a Kind.

The Video Poker machine looks similar to a Slot machine. The only differences are that the ‘Spin’ button is replaced with a ‘Deal’ button and each card has a ‘Hold’ button below them. To begin, all you need to do is make an initial bet. You press the ‘Hold’ button beneath the cards you wish to keep. If you wish to keep all the cards, then press the ‘Hold’ button beneath each one. Press the ‘Deal’ button to receive the replacement cards and get your final hand which will determine what your Payout will be.

Pretty simple, right?

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