Slot Betting Types and Machines

We’re pretty sure you’re ready to take on the online Slot machines. Before you do, however, please take a few moments to learn the various types of Slots betting machines.

1. Free Slots are available at all online casinos. They do help you to practice your Slots strategies and become acquainted with the coin denominations. They don’t, however, allow you any monetary gain, so they tend to become boring.

2. European Slots are often referred to as fruit slots. They normally have 3 reels or 6 reels.

3. Progressive Jackpot Slots have humongous payouts with little wagering risk. Lucky winners are sometimes awarded with millions of dollars with just a few coins inserted.

4. Japanese Slots usually have lots of bells and whistles and vibrant colours. They are often referred to as Skill Slots because they allow the Player to stop the reels and, hopefully, increase the odds of stopping on a winning combination. As discussed in our ‘Are Slots really random?’ section, we know that this does not give the Player any advantage. However, these ‘Skill Slots’ are usually the cheaper of the Slots and, therefore, very regularly played.

5. Video Slots, though now conventional, are extremely popular. They consist of mostly Video Poker games.

6. 3 Reel Slots are the most conventional type of Slots and consist of 3 reels with one line to win with a combination.

7. 5 Reel Slots consist of 5 reels with more than one line to win with a combination. They are flashy and visually appealing.

Some casinos offer up to 9 Reels on Slots and allow you to win for multiple lines as well.

Practice your newly acquired Slots skills and get some free spins in the process now!