Slots Strategy Guide – Advanced Knowhow

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to upgrade to the Advanced Strategies.

One very common misconception where Slots is concerned is that the more reels and symbols, the easier it is to hit a winning combination. If this is what you were thinking all along, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Let’s say you are trying to hit a winning combination on a single line slot using 3 cherries. Chances are that each reel has only one cherry on it. However, on a 5 reel slot with 18 symbols, your chances of hitting a jackpot become:

1 / 185
= 1 / (18 X 18 X 18 X 18 X 18)
= 1 / 1,889,568 (i.e. 1 in 1,889,568)
= 5%

You can greatly increase your chances of winning using a mathematical equation known as the Standard Deviation strategy, which determines which spin of the reel will be a winning one. No, it’s not difficult at all and does not require a scientific calculator to work it out. You can actually do the calculations in your head, and, with practice, you will become better at it.

So, how do you calculate the winning spins, you ask? It’s simple. All you have to do is, first, select a slot machine where the Payout Percentage is the same for every level of play; i.e. for every level of play whether it be $1 or $4, the Payout ratio should be the same. This is called equal ratio.

Next, calculate the standard deviation of the number of spins between wins. Betting the minimum possible stake, take note of the number of spins before a win is had. Repeat the process ten times. So, if after you have spun 10 times, your standard deviations were 4, 10, 18, 8, 21, 6, 13, 15, 32, 6, this would mean that it took 3 losing spins before you won on the 4th spin; followed by 9 losing spins before a winning one on the 10th spin; followed by 17 spins of losses with a win on the 18th spin and so forth.

Lastly, add all the numbers and divide by 10. This gives you the standard deviation. In the case of the numbers above, your standard deviation will be 13. What this means is that your 13th spin is likely to be a winning one. You should bet the minimum coin value on the first 12 spins but increase to the maximum coins on the 13th spin. You may even want to consider playing the maximum from the 11th to the 15th spin to spread out the average.

Let’s do this one more time to make sure you understand what you need to do to give yourself the edge you need to increase your chances at winning at Slots.

1. Pick out and play on an equal ratio slot machine

2. Record the standard deviation of the number of spin between wins

3. Add up all the numbers, divide by the total number of times you played, and you will get your standard deviation.

Although it is not foolproof, the Standard Deviation strategy can help you to maximize your chances of making a profit while playing Slots. Another proven money-maker is the Progressive Slot machine.