Online Keno Strategy

Keno provides a staggering amount of mathematical winning opportunities – 3,535,316,142,212,174,320 to be exact. This leaves a small window for winning strategic plays. In fact, many times when Players refer to Keno strategies, they are really going off of hunches and superstitions. Let’s look at some of the strategies that Players emply when playing Keno:

  • Playing numbers that they like. While this may increase your enjoyment of the game, there isn’t any guarantee that it will increase your payouts.
  • Playing numbers that have not come up recently. Again, this has nothing to do with Keno strategy, because, at one point or another, all the numbers will be drawn eventually. Furthermore, the RNG used by the system to select the resulting numbers, makes it practically impossible for a Player to predict what numbers will come up next.
  • Betting systems. The theory behind the betting systems is that you will hit a sizeable Keno payout to compensate for your small, consistent bets. This idea is very flawed because there is no guarantee that you will win any Keno game, so you can’t be sure that you will win back what you’ve lost.

A different approach might be to select the numbers that appear to occur most often. Although this isn’t a hard and fast strategy, because in reality the RNG prevents you from predicting the next set of numbers; however even gaming experts agree that streaks happen. At some point or another you will be sure to get ahead. Don’t become absorbed with this method, however, because it is more of an ‘approach’ than an actual strategy.

Every game of Keno is like a clean slate. The old numbers are removed and new numbers are chosen by the system. All numbers are subject to the same laws of odds and chance and there is no guaranteed way for you to know which numbers will appear next. With this in mind, stretching your bankroll is probably the best Keno strategy you could employ. To do this, you must ensure that you play conservatively throughout your session. Don’t bet all of your money in 1 or 2 big bets. Instead bet small amounts and you will enjoy a longer and possibly winning playing experience.

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