Keno Bet Types

In the exciting game of Keno, winning does not rest on how much money you bet. Even if you wager $1, you have the opportunity to win thousands of dollars. This is one of the reasons why Keno is fast becoming a favourite game of the younger generation of gamblers, like the college gamblers. For little money down, your returns could pay quite handsomely.

While betting is probably the easiest part of Keno, besides winning of course, learning the bet types is a bit more tricky. There are different types of Keno bets; and some even allow you to select the size of the bet. Keno Bet types include:

  • Straight Bets – You may select up to 15 numbers in a single game, against which the house draws 20. At some online casinos, you may bet as many as 40 numbers in a Straight bet. The minimum bet for this type of wager is $1.
  • Way Bets – You wager on several groups of numbers in the same game. You must pick assorted number combos from preferred groups of numbers. This bet is a bit tricky and generally Players find it difficult to track their selections. So why wager on Way Bets? Because they offer an advantage that not even Straight Bets offer, because you can win small amounts consistently at a faster rate.
  • Split Bets – You can mark multiple groups of numbers in the same Keno game. If you wager $2 on each group, your total bet becomes $4.
  • Combination Bets & King Numbers – This involves combining different Straight bets in one game in contrasting styles. Each combo bet costs a full betting unit. A King Keno bet is a Combination bet with a twist and requires you to choose 1 or more selected numbers to be king numbers.

Review your Keno bets regularly to improve your chances of beating Keno. The advantage of Online keno is that the payout percentages are higher than in land-based casinos and the opportunities to win substantial jackpots are more frequent.

Play and win Keno online.